Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Surrounded by Incredible Talent

Recently, I was asked (via Twitter) to reflect of what I like best about my job as a principal of a high school.  My response came like a reflex action – “I am surrounded by the most talented group of students and staff, which in turn, provide me tremendous inspiration and motivation!”

On the last day of school, before our Christmas break, the students’ parliament hosted our annual school talent show.  The students decided to do a parody of Saturday Night Live as their theme  (I have added the two video links related to this show to give you a flavour).

This show, its related videos and live talent was produced  and performed by current students! I am still amazed.

Once again, it reminded me that if we give our students space and permission to be creative and take risks, there is no limits to what they can do.  This talent show is one small example of the immense and varied talent brimming inside our students.
I would like to dedicate this post to all the students at St. Patrick Secondary, who bless me with their inspiring talents and give me the motivation to come to work loving what I do!

J. Bevacqua  


  1. Those are both great videos. It is a bit off-topic of your post, but it is amazing what students can do with video that was not even possible two or three years ago.

    It is a great part of what we do - the inspiration and excitement we get from students on a daily basis.

  2. Thanks Chris. Videos have become such a big part of what our student parliament uses when they run assemblies. Students have such a strong connection to that medium.

  3. Producing the talent show, it’s a circular relationship: effort motivates and produces effort from others, which in turn results in even more effort from the original motivator. Plus, seeing the potential of what the talent can become helps keep one pushing. Thanks for the kind words.