Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching the Moment – Seeing the Humanity in Everyone

I came across this reflection I wrote 18 months ago after a hectic few weeks of juggling the demands of my professional and personal life.  My self-absorption was abruptly ended when I noticed one of our students come to aid of a needy friend.   

I shared these thoughts at a whole school gathering with students and staff. 

Today these comments come as a relevant reminder to me – I thought I would share them: 

So often in our daily lives we are busy running around,  worrying and fretting,  that we fail to capture the small, life giving moments that often come when we just pause and notice each other.

These moments can enlighten, fulfill, enliven, and prompt a rush of memories.  A moment can bring joy, sadness or pain.

Here at St. Pat’s we must never fail to capture those small moments in our lives.  Recognize the gifts and blessings in each other.  See the kindness in the small deeds we do for each other – from opening doors for each other to providing a shoulder to cry on.  It is in capturing the moment in every situation that we see the humanity in everyone.

John Bevacqua

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