Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Videos as Professional Learning Prompts

In preparation for our two day staff gathering  at the end of August I have been working on a some presentation material  Here are some videos I have found that I'll be sharing with my staff as learning prompts.  As I've shared in a previous post, these prompts will be used to "kick start" a new professional learning initiative at our school next year.  Thought I'd share with my PLN as well:

On Personalized Learning:

On the importance of understanding technology as teachers (technology integration)

Literacy Instruction

Brain Based Learning 

Motivating Students

Grading/Assessment Best Practice

Would be interested to hearing about any more videos people may want to share....


  1. Hi Johnny,
    Thanks for sharing! Love the reading one! You have inspired me to do the same on my blog-post videos I have either used or am planning on using this year. I use video all the time. I always start the year out with a video that hopefully inspires and throughout the year to hopefully keep the inspiration going.

    Here are a two of my favorites that I have used before. I used the first one at my recent 8th grade Step Up Cermeony and it was a big hit! The second I used at a faculty meeting to remind everyone it is the seemingly little things we do everyday that can make a difference.



    Hope you can use these.

    Beth Wittcoff

  2. Here are a couple of videos that I use for homework. 4 minute video on making grading fair and equitable by Doug Reves http://www.leadandlearn.com/multimedia-resource-center/video-library?video-topic=359

    Rick Wormeli, How much should homework count?

    There are other homework resources on my web site http://lenny-homework.wikispaces.com/

  3. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing these. I also want to share some of my resources with you. I prefer a website called Brightstorm (because I question Khan's knowledge on many of the subjects he teaches and I intern here as a disclaimer), but they're launching a new beta tomorrow for their new site. Educators and students alike are able to personalize their days by going through thousands of Brightstorm's online tutorial videos, put them into different maps based on what they themselves want to learn, AND share them with others who have trouble in the same area. It might be hard to explain right now, but I suggest that you check it out!


    Hope this really helps!
    DM me on Twitter (@BrandonovichCAL) if you have any questions!