Wednesday, April 4, 2012

We Need Community

I have attended two funerals in the past three days.

Several members  of our school community (students and teachers) have had to deal with the death of a parent.

Whether sudden or anticipated, the loss of a parent can be excruciatingly painful.  Seeing a young person coming to terms with  life without a mother or father is heartbreaking.

In the quiet moments of prayer, over the past week, I have found myself thinking about community.

In community we find hope.  As a Catholic school, community, rooted in faith, becomes a life line.

Our sense of community is shaped by authentic and real relationships.

We expect our community to be a safe haven - to accept us as we are.

We demand our community to accept us in our brokenness and in our wholeness

We want our community to share in our joys.

We  come together in community to celebrate our achievements.

This week I have been reminded of the importance and power of the support found in community during times of great loss and sorrow.

We need community.

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  1. Well said Johnny. Community is often what gets us through our toughest times. Knowing that there are people who will accept and support us regardless of circumstance is comforting. I hope the community at St. Pat's is healing together. Take care.