Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sharing Our Learning - The Sequel

This year marks the second year of our personalized professional development initiative at our school called Building Experts which is based on Google's 20% time.

One of the critical aspects of this initiative is the requirement for teachers to share results of their inquiry or learning with their colleagues.  This requirement to share is the fuel that keeps the learning relevant and focused.

Like last year, we will once again be hosting a full day of "Sharing Our Learning".

Unlike last year, the focus of inquiry and conversations has shifted slightly.  Take a look at what our teachers are exploring in their practice as teachers and are willing to share this year:

Sharing Our Learning  - Part 2 (2013)

Inquiry Based/Problem  Based Learning - this group of teachers have explored and experimented with aspects of PBL in their classrooms.  They will share successes and frustrations.  This group will also be making a recommendation to the staff, in light of the pending curriculum changes in BC, to adopt PBL within a cross-curricular model of delivery - this is should be very exciting

Literacy Across the Curriculum - this group will be sharing "hands on" teaching strategies that will assist all teachers, regardless of their curricular area, in teaching particular literacy skills to their students.

Digital Literacy  - Under the leadership of our "tech-brarian", this group will update the staff on the school based digital literacy curriculum (scope and sequence) that is being developed.  This curriculum will identify the who, what, how and why of digital literacy at St. Pat's.

Motivating Students - find out the results of a what our students are saying about what motivates them and how that can inform your practice as a teacher.

Creating Wikis - this group of teachers will share how they effectively used class wikis with students

Assessment with Polling Software - find out how to use web based polling software to get important "real time" feedback from your students.

On-line Resources and Apps - this session will assist teachers in using many of digital tools that are readily available to them (Google Apps, collaborative file sharing) to enhance collaboration and learning.

New this year, we have created a website - STP Learns  - as a repository for the respective learning teams to drop resources for all to access.

I am once again looking forward to our Sharing Our Learning Day - a day where relevant  job embedded, passion driven learning is shared for the benefit of all!

If you are in Vancouver on April 19th and want to join us - feel free to drop me a note!

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