Wednesday, April 6, 2011

10 Picture Tour

In response to the challenge from Cale Birk's (@birklearns) 10 Picture Tour,  I thought I'd share some photos of my school.  Enjoy!

We have a road as our main hall!.  We are located in the city of Vancouver.  Our campus has two main buildings separated by a road.  We used the road for an Olympic & school spirit project! (I couldn't resist including this picture!)
Dealing with the road and cars on a daily basis!  
A view from the street corner

Celtic Hall - Our gallery of graduates

The first graduating class from 1929-1930
We are a Catholic school.  Our school chapel.

Getting ready for PE class

Student art

Students collaborating on a Google Doc in History class today.

Our Grade 10 students on retreat today.  Group discussions.


  1. Seeing the picture of your morning car jam up reminded me of this post from my blog: Hope you like it! Molly Smith, SMART thinking! blog editor

  2. This is awesome!

    Thanks for taking us on a 10 Picture Tour, Johnny!

  3. Appreciate the comments Cale & Molly. By the way did read your blog Molly - some great ideas!