Sunday, May 22, 2011

Arts Week - "A safe and warm place to express themselves..."

This year we tried something new at our school - in an effort to celebrate the many talents of our students, particularly in the area of the arts, we hosted our 1st ever Arts Week. Each day of the week brought a different theme: visual arts, dance, video, music,literature and food (Adobo Dogs).  

We also set up a live twitter feed (#celticsarts) whereby students and staff could comment on the events of day and/or week.  The feed provided some wonderful testimonials and outpouring of gratitude (It was also another way to for us to model the proper use of social media  - as usual the students responded exceptionally).  One student tweeted: "if only school was like this all the time". 

Twitter feed #celticsarts.  
 I am proud of our teachers who had the vision and passion to see this project come to life (@gabdonn, @davisrightnow, @maricelignacio - you are amazing), the students who shared their many and diverse talents and the rest of the community who came together to celebrate and enjoy.
It was during a lunch time event that the true value of arts week came to life, when a neighbour walked up to me and said: "I think it is amazing that you are giving your students such a safe and warm place for them express themselves  and share their many talents with each other."  I couldn't agree more....can't wait for next's year's Arts Week!

Here are a few pictures of the week's events:

Our temporary art gallery featuring student art and photos.
Following the performance of our dance squad, the students broke out in in dance in streets!
This was one chalk art entry from a Gr. 8 team of students

More from the gallery

Poetry Slam and Spoken word on the patio at lunch!
100 students singing "it takes a village".  The entire community  came to hush to hear the choir sing

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  1. Very, very cool.

    And three of my fav people behind it as well.

    Nice work. True 'connected learning' of the arts.