Monday, May 30, 2011

I want them to be just like.....

Surrounded by some of our talented students 
Like all parents, my wife and I want what’s best for our children. There is a propensity, however, to have our children become who we want them to become. Even though we know better, as parents we are sometimes tempted to draw comparisons to other to children. Deep down, however, we know that we must nurture our children's talents and blessings so that they can grow into their true person-hood. 

As a teacher and Principal this temptation to compare has become more pronounced given that I am surrounded by so many wonderfully talented and inspirational young adults.

Each year, graduation and all its associated events, provides a special abundance of inspiration.

For the past five years I have witnessed our graduates persevere through the rigors that school life often present. Together they have overcome the many strains and heartbreaks that come with emerging adulthood.
I have witnessed a kaleidoscope of talent and ability. Academic talent, creativity in the arts and sporting excellence has come together in an awesome display of genius.

I have witnessed our students come together in community to share their faith. Along the way they shared their fears, doubts and vulnerabilities but in the end, came to trust that an all loving God will always be there to buttress them in their time of need.

Hopefully, as they leave our school, they do so with a profound sense of gratitude and love. Recently a student wrote me the following message:
“The school has given me a safe place to grow into who I am, rather than what someone else wanted me to be. I love this place and I will miss it.”
As their Principal I will miss them too.

As our graduates prepare to leave us, their legacy of faith, perseverance, service and leadership will add to the enduring and rich history of our school.

I must confess that as a parent, I still catch myself thinking that “when my kids grow up I want them to be just like........”


  1. Hi Johnny
    Students stating that St. Pat's is "a safe place to grow" profoundly reflects the leadership, staff, and culture of the school. What awesome words to receive from a student.


    John Prescott

  2. Nice post Johnny. I can definitely relate from a parents' perspective. As I reflect now and look at my 28, 26, and 23 year old "kids" I am pleased to see they have become what they were meant to become and so much more than my simple comparison might have limited them to.