Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A tribute to Moms! (…and Dads too!)

I learned a long time ago never to ignore mothers – especially mine.

 It all goes back to my grade Gr. 8 year.  On an unsuspecting afternoon, while walking the hallways of my high school, I notice a vaguely familiar person standing by the school office waving her hands. 
As I got closer, my heart began to sink – it was my mom waving furiously at me! 

My inner voice was frantic:
“Are you kidding me?  What will my friends think?  Why would she do this to me?  What if she wants a hug or worse yet a kiss – the horror! “
I acted instinctively and I did what, I thought, any teenage boy would do – I ignored her and went to class…….
I sat at my typewriter (yes, typing class) and released a huge sigh of relief.
Except the story does not end there….

 A moment later, class was interrupted by a knock at the door – I looked up and noticed the teacher disappearing into the hallway to address the person at the door.
Seconds later I saw my mom charging into the classroom on a mission!

I had nowhere to hide – I was corned……her eyes met mine and I knew something bad was about to happen.   In a very “I’m you mother” walk, she arrived at my desk and proceeded to give me a kiss and a simple but unforgettable message:
 “Don’t you ever ignore your mother again!”
On Friday our school will host a service (Mass) followed by a Tea in honor of all the mothers and grandmothers in our community (fathers and grandfathers are invited too!). 
This has been a longstanding tradition at our school that speaks to a few things about the school’s values, beliefs and practices.  Notably:
  • We are grateful to the parents who entrust their children to our care – it’s good and appropriate to say “thanks” in a tangible ways.
  • Parents are the primary educators of their children.  As educators, we enter into a working relationship with the child and the parents!  This event affirms this relationship.
  • It is great to provide our student’s another way to say "thanks" to their mom’s and/or loved ones that have continue to help and support them along the way.

Of course as an administrator (and son and father) Ive also learned that you can never underestimate the loving and protective nature of a mother toward her child.

With Mother’s Day approaching I’d like to extend, to all the mothers out there, a “Happy Mother’s Day!”

You too mom – I haven’t forgotten!  

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