Friday, December 30, 2011

80,000 reasons for YouTube at school

Three years ago our school (special shout out to @pholowka1) created a YouTube Channel to capture the many school videos created by our Student Council and Audio Visual Class.

Recently I was reminded of the power of this channel  when I encountered an alumni who told me she had just finished watching the annual talent show on our YouTube channel.

This prompted me to once again review the statistics of our channel in detail.  The numbers are telling.  Over the years we have posted 184 videos including school assemblies, school play promo videos, annual school promo "Celtic Life" videos or other current event related news.

In total, our YouTube channel is approaching 80,000 views to date! Our students, parents, relatives, alumni and friends are going to the site and watching.  We are staying in touch.  Our school community is finding this medium engaging, entertaining and informative.

Our YouTube channel enables us to:
  • Animate and enliven school life for our parents and extended community (if a picture is worth a thousand words -what is a video worth?)
  • Market our school in an authentic and engaging manner
  • Gives our students yet another avenue to showcase their talents
  • Connect with parents who cannot always attend school events 
  • Keep long-lasting connections with our alumni and friends
Moving forward I envision us using our YouTube channel in other innovative and informative ways.

For those schools (and school systems) still blocking YouTube at school - I have 80,000 reasons to make you reconsider.


  1. Great point ... video is a very powerful connection and learning tool.

    There are more than 80,000 administrators out there, however, that disagree with us.

  2. i Agree with dan