Monday, December 5, 2011

Thoughts and Pictures from China

I was recently in China visiting a few schools. As I reflect back on my trip I am left with a few lasting impressions: 

  • The Chinese people are extremely warm and hospitable. 
  • Students in China (like Canada) are most happy when given the opportunity to be active participants in their learning. 
  • All the Chinese educators I spoke to saw a need to improve their system of education. One official identified fostering creativity among students as a key competency for improvement moving forward.
  • Size matters in China. The large nature of Chinese schools (and classrooms) appear to be a challenge for many educators.
The more people involved in education I meet,  at home and abroad, the more convinced I become that despite some of our obvious differences,  we share many of the same worries, joys and challenges.

Much in China is done on a large scale.  Students in China spend at least 10 hours at school.  This is a picture of a high school gym.  The school is home to 6500 students.  

This high school cafeteria can sit 1500 students at one time.

Meeting with officials from a local education bureau.  Social/work gatherings like this are very important.

Cranes fill the landscape in China.  Yes that is smog in the background.....

Break dancing in Beijing - no, not me

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  1. I just returned last weekend from a two week trip to Hong Kong, Macau, and China. My third trip. All of them awesome experiences. I agree with all of your comments. This trip I really sensed a struggle among the Chinese between keeping the traditions of the past and the expansion of technology. China is developing so fast. Do you by chance have a Confucius Classroom at your high school?