Monday, December 26, 2011

Build, Nourish and Showcase

Our annual talent show is a great showcase of student talent and community celebration.  There are no "winners" or "losers".  We don't give out medals or ribbons.  We don't rate the acts.  Students share their passion-driven learning in front of a caring and supportive community.

As I sat a watched act after act - frequently moved to tears of inspiration  - I couldn't help but reflect on the role of "school".  Schools need to be a places that build and nourish passion driven learning and simultaneously provide avenues to showcase those newly honed abilities and talents.  Indeed our classrooms need to be places of daily  "talent shows".

I am grateful to our Student Council for, once again, hosting this great event.

All the acts and videos are now posted on our school's YouTube Channel.  I have hi-lighted just a few acts below:

Check out the video editing, story writing and animations skills in these clips

Do you like to sing?  Here are few acts

Shall we dance?

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